JOB: ILLINOIS LOTTERY - Director of Sales/Chief Transformation Officer



AGENCY:                         ILLINOIS LOTTERY

SALARY:                          TBA / DEPENDS ON QUALIFICATIONS

JOB TYPE:                      EXEMPT

LOCATION:                     CHICAGO, IL




  1. As Chief Transformation Officer, serves as a policy formulating manager in the planning, directing, coordinating, and developing, administering and managing the Department’s Sales Program in collaboration with the Lottery’s Private Manager and in accordance with the Private Management Agreement (PMA) and Lottery Law.
    1. Plans, directs and coordinates the Department review and approval of the private manager’s annual business plan as a foundation of the Department’s Sales Program.
    2. Works closely with the private manager on the development of sales strategies, forecasting, and resolving general management issues in order to align the Department’s efforts, avoid conflict of interests, and enable the achievement of the annual business plan’s goals and targets.
    3. Compiles and prepares annual Department sales department budget requests determining ongoing staffing needs and operating expenses to support the Sales Program.
    4. Maintains a knowledge base of lottery industry processes, regulatory requirements, products, innovations, and new technology to enable the growth of the lottery.
    5. Leverages research and keeps up with industry trends and best practices which help give the lottery a competitive edge.
    6. Leads Department sales strategy, product and initiative implementation efforts in alignment and collaboration with the private manager to help ensure Department sales goals are reached.
    7. Conducts research, surveys, business analyses, performance analyses, competitive analyses and financial analyses to properly assess Department and private manager progress toward meeting its financial, annual business plan and strategic plan goals.
    8. Develops and implements procedures, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and reports for the purpose of forecasting and monitoring sales and promotion performance, initiative execution and annual business plan compliance.
    9. Monitors and assesses private manager performance in alignment with annual business plan targets using defined Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and lottery industry standards to determine the effectiveness of the plan and the proper corrective action if necessary.


  1. Develop, approve, implement and maintain the Department’s policy, budget and strategy on sales, marketing, promotions, retailer recruitment, incentive programs, legislation, etc., in collaboration with the private manager, which commit the Lottery to a specific course of action.
  2. Recommends, develops and implements new or modified sales policies to further refine and effect a more efficient and modern Lottery Sales operation.
  3. Formulates, develops and establishes short-term and long-term goals and objectives involving Lottery sales programs and policies.
  4. Oversees the compliance of the Department and the private manager with the Department’s Marketing Code of Conduct in marketing the Lottery’s brand, games and products.
  5. Serves as the primary policy advisor to the Lottery Director on all aspects of sales policy and Department execution of sales strategies for Lottery growth.
  6. Develops the Department’s sales strategic plan.
  7. Prepares and disseminates the Director’s directives, position papers and other documents analyzing lottery sales issues, promulgating the Department’s position, setting forth policy rationale and otherwise documenting the philosophy and posture of the Director and the Department.
  8. Prepares analyses of bills affecting Lottery sales, which are introduced in the General Assembly.
  9. Disseminate and educate staff on Department sales policies and procedures
  10. Represents the Department in negotiating sales and business development transactions inclusive of retailer agreements, equipment purchases, partnerships, sponsorships, subscription agreements, etc.


  1. Serves as a full line supervisor
  2. Assigns and reviews work
  3. Provides guidance and training to assigned staff
  4. Counsels staff regarding work performance
  5. Reassigns staff to meet day-to-day operating needs
  6. Establishes annual goals and objectives
  7. Approves time off
  8. Adjusts first level grievances
  9. Effectively recommends and imposes discipline up to and including discharge
  10. Prepares and signs performance evaluations
  11. Determines and recommends staffing needs


  1. Oversees the direction and management of lottery sales representatives, regional coordinators, and telemarketing representatives by the Private Manager per the Employee Use Agreement.
  2. Coordinates sales meetings with the private manager, subordinate staff and/or retailers.
  3. Coordinates the efficient and effective use of state resources for the proper execution of the Sales Program.
  4. Oversees the implementation of new and well-researched sales initiatives, strategies, and solutions by subordinate staff.
  5. Updates and maintain sales department job descriptions as needed to ensure proper alignment in skills and core competencies to fulfill job duties.


  1. Serves as a spokesperson for the Lottery Director in communication with the public, legislators, government officials, Private Manager, vendors, other agencies, professional and lay organizations, Lottery personnel and others in answering inquiries about Department sales strategy and implementation plans and in interpreting and modifying Lottery laws, rules and regulations to better support the mission of the Lottery.
  2. Represents the Director at legislative hearings, meetings, events and conferences wherein Department sales policy, philosophy and initiatives are discussed.
  3. Attends legislative hearings and inter-departmental meetings relating to new sales initiatives to ensure Lottery is represented in a positive manner.
  4. Recommends the development or modification of legislation to further refine and effect a more efficient and modern Lottery Sales operation.
  5. Establishes relationships with key personnel within the retail and business community.
  6. Attends various industry events and conferences, establishing and maintaining long term relationships with key consumers, potential consumers, and key strategic partners.
  7. Travels in performance of these duties.


  1. Performs other duties as required or assigned which are reasonably within the scope of duties enumerated above.




  1. Requires prior experience equivalent to five (5) years of progressively responsible administrative experience in sales and/or sales management, marketing, retail management or related field in a public or private agency.
  2. Requires completion of a Bachelor’s degree, preferably with coursework in Business Administration, Marketing and Advertising.


PREFERRED QUALIFICATIONS (In Order of Significance):


  1. Ability to oversee sales operations and develop departmental initiatives, establishing and implementing strategic plans and sales strategies.
  2. Ability to establish and implement innovative sales growth strategies.
  3. Two (2) years of employee management experience.
  4. Ability to work with a cross-functional group of professionals and with a common vision and objective.
  5. Ability to create and present research, reports, analyses, proposals and presentations for key stakeholders that are clear, concise, understandable, and appropriate for the audience.
  6. Ability to develop and implement promotional initiatives/products.
  7. Ability to establish and maintain relationships with internal and external stakeholders.
  8. Three (3) years of experience working in sales, retail or marketing in the lottery industry is preferred, but not required.



  1. Requires the ability to pass a criminal background check.
  2. Requires the ability to travel.
  3. Requires the ability to utilize state issued equipment, including a laptop and cell phone.



Work Hours:  8:30 A.M. – 5:00 P.M., Monday through Friday

Work Location:  Illinois Lottery; 122 S. Michigan Ave., 19th Floor; Chicago, IL – Cook County

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