Dutch The Gaming Authority (Ksa) has removed a fake Facebook account used to organize illegal lotteries

Ksa intervenes in fake accounts on FacebookC

Published on July 20, 2021
The Gaming Authority (Ksa) has removed a fake Facebook account used to organize illegal lotteries.
 The Ksa has been focusing for some time on illegal lotteries that are organized via social media such as Facebook and Instagram. Until now, at the request of the Ksa, Facebook (also owner of Instagram) has removed the pages on which the illegal lotteries took place. It is now the first time that a fake account has been deleted. There is a fake account if the account cannot be traced back to one natural person or organization.

Always different person behind account

Various investigations by the Ksa showed that this fake account was used to manage several pages on Facebook offering illegal lotteries. Follow-up investigation revealed that there was always a different person behind the account. At the request of the Ksa, Facebook has removed the fake account from its platform.

No supervision possible

The Ksa takes action against illegal lotteries because there is no supervision possible. After all, the providers are not licensed. Is there really a prize, is the game fair, are participants not scammed, is it ensured that no minors can participate? The Ksa ensures that participants in games of chance can do so safely.

Organizers of illegal lotteries risk a large fine.


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